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Accessory Dwellings
Can I fill the wet area or brook on my property?
Can I register for Parks and Recreation programs online?
Can you prepare a Release of Mortgage, Lien, or Quit Claim Deed for me?
Can you tell me if I have public water available?
Do I need a building permit to do ..... ?
Do I need a permit to burn?
Do I need a permit to remove an underground storage tank?
Do you have a copy of my survey or plot plan?
Do you have a list of Justices of the Peace?
Do you have information concerning the location of the water main in the street?
Do you have information concerning utilities at a particular location?
Do you have information on my well and septic system?
FAQ General Disclaimer
Home Based Businesses
How can I add my spouse, child, nephew, family member, etc. to my deed of property?
How Do I Join A Political Party?
How do I modify a boundary line/ record a lot line adjustment?
How do I obtain a Birth, Marriage or Death record?
How do I obtain an absentee ballot?
How do I register to vote?
How Do I Register to Vote?
How do I reserve facility space?
How Do I Vote If I Am Away From Canton On Election Day?
How does one lose The Right To Vote?
How far from the edge of the road does the Town’s responsibility extend?
How long is my hunting or fishing license valid?
Is a timber harvest regulated by the Town?
Is my land suitable to build a home, business, etc on?
Is my road a Town maintained highway?
What are the hours of operation of the fire marshall?
What are the Parks and Recreation office hours?
What are the town clerk hours?
What can I flush down the toilet?
What do I need for a dog license?
What do I need to get a marriage license?
What Is A Voter Canvass?
What is the annual Sewer Use Charge?
What is the correct address of the Town Hall?
What is the cost associated with renting the space?
What is the fee for a blasting permit?
What is the fee to connect to the sewers?
What is the parks and recreation mailing address?
What is the Permit fee to burn?
What is the zoning on my property?
When & Where Do I Vote?
When are the Sewer Use bills sent out?
When Can I Register to Vote?
Where are my sewer lines located?
Where do I buy transfer Station pass and tokens?
Where do I file my DD214 for Military Service?
Where do I get a passport?
Where do I pick up an application and what are the procedures to connect to the sewers?
Where do I register a new business?
Where is my septic tank?
Where is parks and recreation located?
Who Can Be A Voter?
Who do I call to check available dates for facility rental?
Who do I contact to find out if my home can be connected to public water?
Why Join A Political Party?
Will I need insurance coverage for my event?

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