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Canton Village

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Canton Village, Albany Turnpike & East Hill Driving Tour

Variously called Suffrage, Canton Street and Canton Village, the area near the Canton Green was the commercial heart of the town before 1830 with inns, a church, schools, a lawyer, a tannery, wheelwrights, coopers, blacksmiths and other tradesmen and manufactories. This is largely owing to the presence of the Albany Turnpike which was completed in an improved form in 1764. Canton Village fell into eclipse in the mid nineteenth century as Collinsville rose as a center of edge tool manufacture. By the 1960s, with the decline and closure of the Collins Company, this area reemerged as the business center of town as automobile transportation became increasingly important and Albany Turnpike became the principal artery of travel (U.S. Route 44).

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1. Canton Green - at the intersection of Dowd Ave & Route 44
2. Gallery on the Green, 5 Canton Green Road
3. Elmshade, 188 Albany Turnpike
4. Three Gables, 171-173 Albany Turnpike
5. Old Baptist Church, 186 Albany Turnpike
6. Canton Street (Canton Springs/Baptist) Cemetery, 6 Canton Springs Road
7. Canton Inn, 144 Albany Turnpike
8. Canton Golf Course Site, 110 Albany Turnpike
9. Secret Lake Community, Secret Lake Road and adjacent street
10. Solomon Everest House Site, 111 Albany Turnpike
11. Dan Case Tavern, 30 Lawton Road
12. Josiah Case House, 265 Gracey Road
13. Jeremy Case House, 330 East Hill Road
14. East Hill Schoolhouse, 216 East Hill Road
15. Phoebe Humphrey House Site, 277 Albany Turnpike
16. Dyer Farm, 1 Dyer Cemetery Road
17. Dyer Cemetery, Dyer Cemetery Road
18. Bristol Homestead, 541 Albany Turnpike
19. William Merrill House, 120 Indian Hill Road
20. Decius Humphrey House, 44 Old Canton Road
21. Brookmeade/ Mills Homestead, 90 Simonds Avenue
22. Ralph Dowd House, 3 Dowd Avenue


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