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North Canton

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North Canton Driving Tour

Originally designated “New Canton,” the area was renamed “North Canton” in 1837. Canton’s second school, second meetinghouse, second cemetery and second post office were here. Although considered a quiet, rural part of town, in the late eighteenth century and well into the nineteenth North Canton was a busy place with two blacksmith shops, a couple or three taverns, a powder mill, grist and sawmills, several cider mills and distilleries, a tannery, leather and shoemaking shop, and a button factory.

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1. North Canton Methodist Church, 3 Case Street
2. North Canton School, Case Street
3. Messenger House, 667 Cherry Brook Road
4. David Adams House, 4 West Simsbury Road
5. William Wilcox House, 580 Cherry Brook Road
6. North Canton (Methodist) Cemetery, Cherry Brook Road
7. Kenneth King House, 477 Cherry Brook Road
8. Bel-Air Site, 355 Cherry Brook Road
9. Edwin White House, 146 North Mountain Road


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