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The Canton Budget Referendum PASSED

Only 7% of the electorate voted in the referendum.  So even though the final vote count was:
214= Yes
332= No,
in accordance with section 10M of the Canton Charter, the budget shall be deemed automatically approved by the Town budget referendum unless both of the following conditions are met:
1.The total number of votes cast at the referendum equals at least 10% of the number of electors of the Town as determined from the official list of the Registrars of Voters as of the date of the referendum; and
2.A majority of those voting in the referendum vote against the recommended budget.

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Print, complete and SIGN the application.  Mail it to:
Canton Town Clerk
AB Application-Overseas
4 Market Street
PO Box 168
Collinsville, CT 06022


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View past Canton election results below:

Listing files in 'Election Results'


Secretary of the State's Election Results Archive HERE

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Contact Us

Mailing Address: Canton Town Hall, P.O. Box 168, Collinsville, CT 06022

Location: Canton Town Hall, 4 Market Street, Collinsville, CT 06019

Phone: (860) 693-7839P(860) 693-7839

Jack Miner
Republican Registrar of Voters

Cynthia Zdanzukas
Democratic Registrar of Voters