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Registrar of Voters

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Next Up: November 2, 2021 Municipal Elections

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**Pursuant to Senate Bill 1202 of the June Special Session 2021, COVID-19 may be used as a valid reason for requesting a ballot for any Primary, Election or Referendum held before November 3, 2021**

Absentee Ballot Application for November 2021 election

Living or traveling overseas during the election?

Overseas Absentee Ballot Application

Print it, complete it, SIGN it, and mail it to:

Canton Town Clerk
AB Application
4 Market Street
PO Box 168
Collinsville, CT 06022

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Permanent Absentee Ballot?


View past election results below:

Listing files in 'Election Results'

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Contact Us

Mailing Address
4 Market Street
PO Box 168
Collinsville, CT 06022

Phone: (860) 693-7839P(860) 693-7839

Jack Miner
Republican Registrar of Voters

Amelia Miner
Democratic Registrar of Voters