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Registrar of Voters

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The deadline has past for registered Republican/Democrat/Independent*/Green Party/or other minor party voters to switch party affiliation in order to vote in the June 2nd primary.
The deadline for new voters, and for unaffiliated voters, to enroll in a party for voting in its primary is May 28th. For new voters, mail-in applications must be postmarked, or received at Town Hall by May 28th. For unaffiliated voters, the mail-in application must be received (not merely postmarked) by May 28th.  There is a drop box at the Main Street entrance of Town Hall for your convenience.
The in-person enrollment deadline, for new voters and unaffiliated voters enrolling in a party (in person), is June 1st at noon. Please use the drop box at the Main Street entrance of Town Hall.

*What is the difference between being an Independent voter and an Unaffiliated voter? In CT, there is a minor party called the Independent Party.  If you are registered as an Independent, you belong to that party and the deadline has past in order to switch to another party and participate in the June 2nd Primary.  If you are Unaffiliated, you do not currently have a party and cannot vote in either the Republican or the Democratic primaries. This is because in CT, we have a closed primary system. Many states are open. We are not.
Register to vote or change Party Affiliation
check your Registration Status/Party Affiliation? 

Presidential Primary on June 2nd
*Polling location is Canton Community Center, 40 Dyer Ave, Canton, CT
*Polls will be open 6am-8pm

Are you registered to vote?

Look Up Registration Status
Need to register to vote?
Register To Vote
Need an Absentee Ballot? 
Absentee Ballot Application
bring it or (snail) mail it to:

   Canton Town Clerk
   AB Application
   4 Market Street
   PO Box 168
   Collinsville, CT 06022


Living or traveling overseas during the election?
Overseas Absentee Ballot Application

mail it to:
Canton Town Clerk
AB Application
4 Market Street
PO Box 168
Collinsville, CT 06022


Are you disabled and in need of a 
Permanent Absentee Ballot?


View past election results below:

Listing files in 'Election Results'

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Contact Us

Mailing Address
4 Market Street
PO Box 168
Collinsville, CT 06022

Phone: (860) 693-7839P(860) 693-7839

Lynn Homan
Democratic Registrar of Voters

Jack Miner
Republican Registrar of Voters