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FY 24/25 Revised Budget Information


11/1/2021 - 11/01/2021

Dear Residents,
Voting statistics have always surprised me. Topping my list is the percentage of voters who participate in local elections. In Canton, just 35% of our registered voters showed up in the 2019 election. I remember that only 10 votes separated the winner and loser in a contest for a Selectman’s seat. If you think your vote doesn’t matter, think again!

All of us see and hear plenty more about national issues than local ones. But when I consider the issues that touch our daily lives, I’m convinced that local issues and local office holders matter far more than the national.

After all, the President of the United States doesn’t plow or pave your street, doesn’t run the sewer plant, respond to fires or medical emergencies, build schools or staff them, arrest criminals and much, much more. These are local jobs that matter to us all. 

So let me suggest that you take a few minutes tonight (if you haven’t already) to learn about the candidates for Board of Education, Finance and Selectmen. Dig into the referendum question about the Collinsville Fire and EMS House. There’s plenty of information online about them. And above all else, take a few minutes on Tuesday to vote. Frankly, I’m surprised that local elections don’t get greater turnout than the national, given what’s at stake.

One more thing: when this election is over and the winners begin their service, take a few more minutes to meet with your elected local officials. We learn so much from you, and hopefully you can learn from us as well. And if we are learning from each other, we have a far better chance of building a better future for Canton.

Please vote on Tuesday, November 2.

Stay well,




Kevin Witkos
First Selectman
Phone: (860) 693-7847

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Canton Town Hall
P.O. Box 168
4 Market Street
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