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FOG Program

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Control Discharging to a Sanitary Sewer System by Food Preparation Establishments

  *** The WPCA amended on May 10, 2011 the WPCA Regulation to include the FOG Program Application, a yearly Registration Fee, Fines ( for not adhering to the CT DEEP General Permit and the WPCA Regulations) and an Appeal Process.

The Town of Canton WPCF is in the 3rd year of assisting the Town of Canton’s Food Preparation Establishments (FPEs) in compiling with the State of Ct. DEP General Permit for the Discharge of Wastewater Associated with Food Establishments. 

According to the DEP General Permit, ALL class III and Class IV FPE’s are required to conform no later than July 1, 2011.  The general permit requires that establishments install either (at least) a 1,000 gallon outside passive grease interceptor or an automatic grease recovery unit (AGRU) in accordance with the technical requirements specified in the general permit. 

The uncontrolled and/or inadequately controlled discharge of fats, oils and grease into municipal sanitary sewage systems have resulted in blockages within the collection system posing hazards to public health and resulting in increased cost to the users of the system.

Pollution prevention/best management practices are also required of the permittee including quarterly inspections of the equipment and cleaning of interceptors at least every three months.  FPE’s are also required to keep a maintenance log on site for a period of five years.

For further questions, please contact the Superintendent at 860-693-7867 

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WPCA Facility

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