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Police Staff

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Canton Police Department

45 River Road, Canton, Connecticut 06019
Emergency: Police/Fire/Medical 911
Routine Matters (860) 693-0221

Routine Matters (860) 693-0221
Christopher Arciero
Chief of Police and Director of Emergency Management 
(860) 693-7872 Direct(860) 693-7872
(860) 693-8493 Fax(860) 693-8493 Fax

Andrew Schiffer
(860) 693-5832 Direct
(860) 693-8493 Fax

Susan Brodeur
Administrative Assistant/Records
(860) 693-7692 Direct(860) 693-7692
(860) 693-8493 Fax(860) 693-8493 Fax


Sergeant Tyson Deloy

Sergeant Johnathan Lederman

Sergeant Derek Messier

Sergeant David Rodriguez - Currently on deployment

Sergeant Jon Saucier

Detective Division

Currently unfilled

  • Officer Matthew Catania
  • Officer Jonathan Lederman
  • Officer Michael Gerrity
  • Officer John McGuire
  • Officer Martin Miller
  • Officer Mark Montefalco
  • Officer Dimitrios Papachristos
  • Officer Mark Selander
  • Officer Patrick Tebecio

Patrol Officers and Dispatchers can be reached by calling the main number 860-693-0221

Full Time Dispatchers
  • David Canny
  • Ryan Kerr
  • Frank Pascuccio
  • Michael Roy, Dispatch Supervisor
Part Time Dispatchers
  • Randy Chesanek
  • Peter Getz
  • John Ryan
  • Deven Yudelson
Animal Control Officer (ACO)
  • Beverly LaPlume (shared with Avon)
School Crossing Guard
  • Ms. Cathy Barlow or a CPD Officer