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3/21/2024 - 03/21/2024

On Monday, March 11, 2024 I presented the Board of Finance with the adopted Board of Selectman budget for FY 2024-2025.  Below is my message to  the Board of Finance which accompanied the budget.

To: Canton Board of Finance
I respectfully submit to you the Canton Board of Selectman adopted budget for Fiscal Year 2024-2025 for your consideration.
The Board of Selectman (BOS) began budget deliberations with the mindset of what can the taxpayer afford and what the town needs are to maintain the current level of service that our residents enjoy and expect daily.  
I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Board Chair who was present during each of the municipal Director’s presentation of their individual department which compromises the budget here before you.  
The budget highlights for the 24-25 fiscal year are:
An increase in the Town Clerk’s Office and Registrar of Voters to accommodate the state mandate of early voting. This includes, training, certification, additional hours for staffing, ballots, advertising. 
Canton recently completed its revaluation.  As a result, multiple hearings and appeals have been filed.   There is an increase in the assessor’s budget to address the increase in applications.
The town has experienced increased attorney usage for land use enforcement  matters, appeals of land use decisions and other matters.  This line item was increased as a result thereof.
Increase the staffing of patrol by ½ officer to start in January 2025.  With this additional officer, Canton Police will be staffed with 14 officers in the patrol division responsible for providing 24/7, 365 days a year coverage at a two-officer minimum per shift.
Fire Service Incentive increase for Fire/EMS officers.
The Department of Public Works staffing is increasing by the addition of one maintainer/equipment operator.  Currently the Town has 6 maintainers/equipment operators and 8 plow routes which at times means one plow driver is covering multiple routes.   
Meals costs under the senior/social services has increased $1.50 per meal @ 3,324 meals per year.  Separately, Meals on wheels increased from 6,837 to 8,024 per year.
These bulleted points highlight an increase to line items that are not contractual in nature.  The budget proposal equals $13,772,686.00 resulting in a 6.10% increase.  The operating budget for the Town of Canton is $12,564,270 while the annual Capital Improvement budget is $1,208,416. 

Submitted with respect,

Kevin Witkos
First Selectman




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