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4/28/2016 - 04/28/2016

The First Selectman's Corner

Dear Canton Residents,
Saturday, April 30th is National Drug Give Back Day.  Every day, we are hearing news of tragic deaths from heroin and other opioid overdoses.  The deadly disease of opioid addiction affects all ages, and often begins with use of prescription pain-killers.  In many instances, the abuser of the prescription medications is not the person for whom they were originally prescribed. Statistics show that young people who start abusing prescription narcotics begin with pills they find in their medicine cabinets, or obtain from a friend.  It is important to safely dispose of these dangerous drugs and not just leave them sitting in your cabinets.  Fortunately, here in Canton we have a drug drop-off lockbox, located in the lobby of the Canton Police Department on River Road.  Anyone can stop by and drop any medications in the box, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No questions will be asked; you do not need to speak to anyone at the station to use the box.  It is literally no harder than dropping off your library books!  So please, if you have any prescriptions in your cabinets, dispose of them as soon as possible.  You could be saving the life of someone you love.

Best Regards,
Leslee B. Hill





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