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UPDATED - Key Points regarding Revaluation & Phase In Information - CLICK HERE 


Click here for the 2024 Town Budget Meeting Schedule

FEMA Flood Map Changes/Appeal Process (2/28/24-5/28/24)

Meeting Audio Files

Meeting Recordings are available online for approximately one year.  After that time, they are available upon request. Requests for individual recordings can be made via a Freedom of Information REQUEST HERE.

Board of Finance

12/10/2015 - 2015
  • 12/21/15-Tri Board Meeting
  • 12/21/15-Regular Meeting
  • 11/16/15-Regular Meeting
  • 10/19/15-Regular Meeting
  • 09/21/15-Regular Meeting
  • 07/01/15-Special Meeting
  • 06/15/15-Regular Meeting
  • 05/18/15-Regular Meeting
  • 04/13/15-Regular Meeting
  • 04/01/15-Budget Workshop
  • 03/16/15-Regular & Budget Meeting
  • 02/17/15-Regular Meeting
  • 01/20/15-Regular Meeting