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Congratulations to the Canton Police Department for receiving the 2024 CIRMA Excellence in Risk Management Award.

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5/24/2023 - Special Town Meeting May 24 @ 7pm

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Notice is hereby given to the electors of the Town of Canton and those qualified taxpayers lawfully entitled to vote in Canton Town Meetings pursuant to Section 7-6 of the Connecticut General Statutes that a Special Town Meeting will be commenced on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 7:00 PM in Room F located at the Canton Public Library & Community Center, 40 Dyer Avenue, Canton, Connecticut, to consider and take action on the following questions:

1. Shall the Town of Canton approve submitting a Neighborhood Assistance Act grant application in the amount of $112,000 on behalf of New Horizons, Inc. for the purposes of funding energy efficient windows at the Cherry Brook Health Care Center?
2. Shall the Town of Canton approve submitting a Neighborhood Assistance Act grant application in the amount of $20,752.50 on behalf of FOCUS Center for Autism, Inc. for the purpose of funding energy efficient heating, ventilating and cooling upgrades?
3. Shall the Town of Canton approve amending the ordinance entitled “Program of Property Tax Relief” by increasing the income eligibility and benefit amounts; modifying future income and benefit amounts based on increases or decreases in the annual Town budget; and setting a maximum cap on total benefits equal to 0.50% of the Town budget.  
4. Shall the Town of Canton adopt an ordinance entitled “Prohibition of Cannabis Use on Town Property” which prohibits the use of cannabis, in any form or manner, on property owned or controlled by the Town of Canton.  

Copies of the Neighborhood Assistance Act applications, proposed “Prohibition of Cannabis Use on Town Property”, and the modified “Program of Tax Relief” ordinances can be located online at and in the office of the Town Clerk and at the Canton Public Library. 

Dated at Canton, Connecticut this 15th day of May 2023.

Board of Selectmen
Robert Bessel
First Selectman

New Horizons Neighborhood Assistance Act Application

FOCUS Center for Autism Neighborhood Assistance Act Application

Program of Tax Relief - Current Ordinance

Program of Tax Relief - Modified/Proposed Ordinance 

Prohibition of Cannabis Use Proposed Ordinance