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5/14/2021 - Town Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update
7/12/21 Update:
The bridge is back!  The first piece of treated steel rises off the truck that arrived from Allentown, PA this morning. This is one of two trucks arriving in Collinsville. A third truck is expected next week. The bridge was assembled twice at the Allentown factory before its return trip to Collinsville. The reassembly process enabled workers to check their work.


6/17/21 Update:
The steel is loaded and ready to ship from the plant in Pennsylvania. There are tasks that have to be completed at the site before it can be delivered including the removal of some trees. The Town is  coordinating with the contractor, the DOT and our consultant on the logistics of the move. As of 6/17/21, we don’t have a solid shipment date.
5/14/21 Update:
We await signature on a supplemental work agreement from the State of CT Dept of Transportation.  We hope to have that in-hand next week and the steel would ship soon thereafter.
4/27/21 Update:
We have been awaiting approvals from DOT on supplemental costs. This has pushed the project out a bit.  We are now expecting the steel to be completed and shipped in approximately two weeks.
2/23/21 Update:
Trusses are being cleaned and prepared for painting in Pennsylvania in preparation of being returned to Canton.


10/1/20 Update:
There was a significant problem with the original scope of work that addressed the final coating material. Galvanization failed due to the large amount of pack-rust between the riveted bridge sections. Although some of the galvanization was successful, the high heat of that process was forcing the rust to boil out and coat a large percentage the clean surfaces. Removing all rivets and blasting the pack rust was determined to be cost prohibitive, so a new solution was proposed by our engineers. The steel will now be prepped, primed and 3-coat painted instead. 
The CTDOT has approved this revised process and the steel is being prepped at the plant in Pennsylvania now. We hope to have the bridge back in town before winter, however we cannot say for certain that it will be erected this year due to scheduling and the delay in trying to improve the galvanization process and then determining a new coating process.
Questions? Please contact the Project Administrator at 860-693-7855.

5/7/20 Update:
The Town Bridge project experienced a delay due to the pandemic and the subsequent temporary closure of the facility in Pennsylvania where the disassembled parts are being rehabilitated. There was also a delay with the quality control for the blasting of the steel which has been resolved, and the possibility of that issue precipitating a change in the scope- to use paint instead of galvanizing. Blasting and galvanizing are now proceeding with work restarted this past week with the lessening of pandemic restrictions.
8/21/19 Update:

Due to additional DOT requirements, the Town Bridge is not expected to be opened until May 2020.

6/3/19 Update:  A bird's-eye view!

VIDEO: Two massive cranes picking up a an entire bridge

5/28/19 Update:

Here is an update on the preparations for the rehabilitation of the Town Bridge Road bridge project:

  • Powder Mill Road and Town Bridge Road, between State Route 202 and Erickson Drive, will be closed between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm on Wednesday May 29th to allow for the assembly of one of the cranes that will assist in the removal of the Town Bridge Road bridge;
  • The Town Bridge Road bridge will be removed on Thursday May 30th between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm weather permitting. As a reminder, no unauthorized individuals will be allowed on Town Bridge Road between State Route 179 and Powder Mill Road nor in the vicinity of the bridge during any of the bridge removal operations;
  • Powder Mill Road and Town Bridge Road, between State Route 202 and Erickson Drive, will be closed again between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm on Friday May 31st to allow for the disassembly of the crane that assisted in the removal of the Town Bridge Road bridge.
April 1, 2019 Update:

Beginning April 1st and continuing until November 30th, the Town Bridge Road Bridge will be closed for rehabilitation.  During the month of April, the contractor for the Rehabilitation Project, ROTHA Contracting Company Inc., will begin making preparations for the removal of the ridge so it can be disassembled and sent off-site for rehabilitation before returning for reassembly and bridge placement.  Preparations include installing a debris shield on the underside of the bridge, while it is still spanning the river, followed by the removal of the bridge deck and miscellaneous other work.  It is anticipated that the actual removal of the bridge will take place sometime during the month of May.  Fishing underneath the bridge will be prohibited at all times when bridgework is taking place above.  Periodically it may be necessary to restrict the passage of water vessels [canoes, kayaks, tubes, etc.] beneath sections of the bridge and prohibit their passage altogether on the day the bridge is physically removed. This notice will be updated as new information becomes available.