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3/19/2014 - Public Safety Reminder: Stop for School Buses!

Public Safety Reminder:  Stop for School Buses!

In just a few short weeks children across the state will be heading back to school. The Canton Police Department wants to remind all drivers that they must stop when the lights on school buses are flashing red. Connecticut law [sec. 14-279(a)] requires that drivers stop no closer than 10 feet from a school bus that is flashing red signal lights, on all undivided highways, whether approaching or traveling behind the school bus. Drivers should expect to see students crossing the street at bus stops and should be prepared to stop when traveling in proximity to buses. Failure to stop can have serious consequences. The least of which is a fine of $460.00 for the first offense.

Parents and guardians should remind their children about safety. Most accidents involving school buses take place while entering or exiting the bus so extra caution should be used.

Safety tips to remember: 

        1. Have a safe place to wait for the bus and enter or exit the bus away from traffic.

        2. Stay away from the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the driver signals to enter.

        3. When being dropped off, exit the bus and walk ahead of it before crossing in front so the bus driver can clearly see you.

        4. Use the hand rails to enter and exit the bus.

        5. Be aware of surroundings and be extra careful while crossing the street with the understanding that not all drivers obey the law.

        6. Always look both ways before crossing any street.

        7. If children have questions regarding their safety or the behavior of other riders during their trip, they should bring their concerns to the attention of their parents, school officials, or the police immediately to ensure the safety of all.

Officers will be stepping up traffic enforcement in school zones and bus routes to ensure that motorists are obeying traffic laws so our children can stay safe.