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5/15/2015 - Pool Safety


Checklist for pool safety:

 - Never swim alone. Use the buddy system and maintain eye contact.

 - Never leave children (even those who can swim) unattended in, around or near pools – not even for a few moments.

 - Keep the pool area locked and secure when not in use.

 - Swim only in supervised and approved areas.

 - Keep rescue equipment near the pool. Have emergency flotation devices and a phone near the pool.

 - Enroll children in swim lessons.

 - Enforce water safety rules. No running, pushing or dunking.

 - Never falsely claim to need help in the water.

 - Take all toys out of the pool when not swimming so that children will not be tempted to go after the toys.

 - Learn CPR and water rescue techniques.

 - Have a professional inspect all entrapment hazards in the pool, including the pump and drain.

 - Know and mark the location of the electrical cut-off switch for the pool pump.

Watch children closely!