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10/25/2010 - Safe Seniors



Like most senior citizens, you want to maintain your lifestyle and independence.  Keeping you safe during your golden years takes a few simple steps.  Follow these tips to ensure that you are protected.


Out and about

·        Ask your town’s senior services about transportation services.

·        Tell someone where you are going & when you expect to return.

·        Keep car doors locked.

·        Be alert in parking lots and garages

·        Have your keys ready when approaching your car or home.

·        Do not carry packages that obstruct your view and make it hard to react.

·        Carry a cell phone with you in case of emergency.

·        If using public transportation, sit by the driver or an exit.

·        Carry your purse close to your body; do not dangle it.

·        Do not put a wallet in your back pocket; put it in front pants pocket or a pocket located inside of a coat.

·        Do not carry credit cards you don’t need or large amounts of cash.

·        Use direct deposit for social security and other checks.

·        Work out a buddy system with a friend to check on each other daily.

·        Do not keep your social security card on your person.


On the road

·        Take a refresher driving course

·        Make sure your car is safe to drive; have it checked by a trusted mechanic regularly.

·        Schedule regular checks with your doctor for hearing, vision and general health.


At home

·        Use deadbolt locks on all doors and keep locked at all times.

·        Use quality locks on windows and sliding doors.

·        Be sure the number on your house is visible and lighted so that emergency personnel can find it quickly.

·        Do not hide keys around the outside of the house.

·        Never open the door or let strangers into your home without checking their identification.

·        Know your neighbors and keep their phone numbers handy for emergencies.

·        Trim trees and shrubs to eliminate hiding places for thieves.

·        Keep the exterior of the home well lit.

·        Install outside lights equipped with motion detectors.

·        Use timers on lamps to create the impression of an occupied home.

·        Keep an updated list of medications, amounts you take and how often you take them on you at all times, as well as an emergency contact number

·        Do talk with your family or friends about your wishes in case of an emergency and set up a plan in the case you are unable to make decisions.

·        Do contact your town's Municipal Agent for the Elderly for confidential help for resources, including help in your home, ways to save money of food, help with prescriptions, etc.

·        Do call your town to ask about Property Tax Relief, Renter's Rebate, and Energy Assistance programs.

·        Do call 2-1-1 if you are having difficulty with issues concerning food, housing, employment, health care or counseling.

·        Do call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency and you need police, fire or ambulance services.


Compliments of:

The Canton Police Department and Senior/Social Services

Christopher Arciero – Chief of Police

Claire Cote – Senior/Social Services Coordinator