Town of Canton, Connecticut
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Department Contact Information 

First Selectman


Chief Administrative Officer


Executive Assistant


Fire and EMS Services


Fire Marshal


Finance Officer


Financial Accountant


Financial Assistant


Land Use Coordinator


Town Planner


Town Planner-Assistant  860-693-7892

Municipal Agent for the Elderly


Building Department


Town Clerk


Tax Collector


Assessor   860-693-7842 

Parks & Recreation Director


Parks & Rec. Program Supervisor


Project Administrator


Registrars of Voters


Library Director


Police Chief


Police Captain          860-693-0221

Senior Services Coordinator        


Transfer Station      860-693-7866

Public Works/Highway Department           860-693-7863 

Social Services  860-693-5811

WPCA Treatment Plant


Board of Selectmen

The Town of Canton is governed by a Board of Selectmen - Town Meeting form of government. The five member Board of Selectmen acts as the executive branch of Town government with the First Selectman acting as the Chief Executive Officer. A Chief Administrative Officer is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Town.  Members of the Board of Selectmen through November 17, 2015 and their respective contact information are listed below:

Richard J. Barlow
321 Cherry Brook Road; 860-693-0407

Stephen J. Roberto
6 Pine Acres Drive; 860-693-3368

David W. Gilchrist
54 Lawton Road; 860-693-8406

Lowell Humphrey
19 Canton Valley Circle; 860-221-5822

Thomas Sevigny
131 Gracey Road; 860-693-8344

Written correspondence may be mailed to the attention of the Board of Selectmen at the following address:

Canton Town Hall
P.O. Box 168
4 Market Street
Collinsville, CT 06022

The Office of the First Selectman, located on the First Floor of Town Hall, has regular office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

860-693-7847 (voice) First Selectman
860-693-7840 (fax)

Board of Finance

The Board of Finance is responsible for the financial administration of the Town, including preparing the annual budget and setting the mill rate for the purpose of collecting taxes. The Town Meeting is the legislative body of the Town and is open to all registered voters and property owners. The Town Meeting is used to approve annual budgets, approve major expenditures and adopt new Town ordinances.  Members of the Board of Finance and their respective contact information are listed below:

Richard Ohanesian
1 Whitney Lane; 860-693-0016

Richard Eickenhorst
7 Shingle Mill Drive; 860-693-4315

Brian D. First
85 High Valley Drive; 860-693-8188

Kenneth S. Humphrey
250 East Hill Road; 860-693-1303

Mary B. Tomolonius
148 Bahre Corner Road; 860-693-0368

Bill Canny
51 Breezy Hill Road; 860-693-8707  

Canton's State Legislative Delegation

State Senator Kevin Witkos - 8th District
300 Capitol Avenue
LOB Room 3400
Hartford, CT 06106

15 High Ledge Road,Canton 06019

State Representative Timothy LeGeyt - 17th District
300 Capitol Avenue
LOB Room 4200
Hartford, CT 06106

135 West Road, Canton, CT 06019