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Registrar of Voters Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Be A Voter?

Any person who is a U.S. citizen, has reached the age of 18 years, and is a bona fide resident of Canton may register to vote in Canton. A bona fide resident of Canton is someone whose home is in this town and, if temporarily absent, to which he/she intends to return. A 17-year-old who fulfills the other requirements may apply to register to vote. The registration becomes effective on his/her 18th birthday. An exception to this 17 year old rule applies if he/she turns 18 by the election, he/she is eligible to vote in the primary as a 17 year old.

When Can I Register to Vote?

You can register to vote in Canton as soon as you establish residency in the town. There is no waiting period.

How Do I Register to Vote?

You can register to vote online at https://voterregistration.ct.gov/OLVR/welcome.do. Mail-in voter applications are also available from the Public Library,the Town Clerk’s office and the Department of Motor Vehicles.  People are also able to register to vote in person by going to the Town Clerk’s office.

When & Where Do I Vote?

Regular elections are held every year on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. Voting hours are 6 am to 8 pm. All November elections are held at the Canton Middle/High School located at 76 Simonds Avenue.  All other voting (primaries and referenda) are held at the Canton Community Center located at 40 Dyer Avenue.  

How Do I Vote If I Am Away From Canton On Election Day?

You can vote in an election even if you are unable to make it to the polls on Election Day. You may vote by absentee ballot. There are several reasons for which a person may use an absentee ballot to vote. They are: 1. Absence from town during voting hours 2. Illness or disability 3. Active service in the armed forces 4. Religious beliefs that conflict with the election, primary or referendum.  Contact the Town Clerk (860-693-7870) for an absentee ballot application or click here for an absentee ballot application.  Students – don’t forget to get an absentee ballot application before going off to college!!

How Do I Join A Political Party?

You may either join a political party at the time you register to vote or remain unaffiliated. Unaffiliated voters may enroll in a political party at any time, and a person who is a member of one political party may leave that party and join another political party at any time. Membership in the new party becomes official 3 months from the date of application.

Why Join A Political Party?

According to Connecticut law, with certain exceptions, only enrolled members of a political party may participate in the caucuses, conventions, and primaries of that political party. With rare exceptions, elective and appointed office holders are members of political parties. A member of a party is free to vote for whomever he/she chooses in a general election.

What Is A Voter Canvass?

As required by the Secretary of the State and the laws of Connecticut, a canvas of all voters, to ensure the accuracy of the voter registry list, is conducted every year. Address change information is obtained from the National Change of Address system generated by the U.S. Post Office.

How does one lose The Right To Vote?

You can lose the right to become a voter upon conviction of a felony. You may be reinstated as a voter after serving a sentence, completing parole, and/or paying a fine.