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Sam Collins died on June 14, 1871, having been incapacitated since 1866. He is buried just down hill from the center of the high point on Cemetery Road. A relatively simple brownstone marker commemorates the site which provides a fine view of the village and factory he created. 

The cemetery also contains the graves of many other Collinsville notables and Collins Company workers. Among those buried here are Charles Blair, who met with John Brown about manufacture of pikes for Brown’s Harpers Ferry raid igniting the Civil War; Rose Terry Cooke, a nineteenth century writer whose work appeared in the first issue of The Atlantic Monthly; and William Edgar Simonds, the only Canton person to serve in Congress, become speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives, or to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Saint Patrick's (Catholic) Cemetery is located adjacent to and just south at 15 Cemetery Road.  These two cemeteries were separated by stone walls, trees and logs, but over the years the line has become obscured.