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The first high school in Canton was built in 1854 and stood where the Congregational Church parking lot is today. It was demolished in 1935 when the new high school (now the intermediate school) was built. The original high school bell can still be heard from the veranda of the Canton Historical Museum. The building was a two story frame structure with a three story central tower and Italianate details. It was 62 feet long and 42 feet wide and could accommodate 250 to 300 students. The construction cost of $7,500 was controversial. The State Superintendent of Common Schools reported in 1855 that “this building, with its grounds, is certainly one of the best, if not the very best, to be found in the state.” For many years, students from other towns attended classes here to take advantage of superior opportunities. But by 1924, conditions at the school had become “deplorable” though the student body was above average.