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The Farmington River Trail

The Farmington River Trail is an 18.2-mile loop trail which links to the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail at points in Farmington and Simsbury passing through the villages of Unionville and Collinsville and the towns of Burlington and Canton to create a 29.5-mile loop connecting five towns. For much of its length, the trail nestles against the banks of the Farmington River tracing the route of the old “Canal Line” railroad. While the trail passes by some of the area’s loveliest landscapes, it also contains the longest stretches of on-road riding.

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Be Extra Careful at Crosswalks

Under state law, motorists must yield to all pedestrians on a marked crosswalk.

Pedestrians waiting to cross a road: make your intention to cross clear but never assume that a motorist is going to stop.  Never step in front of an oncoming vehicle, especially larger trucks that may have difficulty stopping in time.

If you are on a bicycle and want traffic to stop for you on a crosswalk, you must dismount your bike and walk it across the crosswalk.  As long as you are mounted on your bicycle and in a public roadway, you are no different than a motorists and must obey the traffic laws.

Connecticut Greenways License Plates

You've seen the "Save the Sound" license plates, now Connecticut offers "Greenways" plates.  Proceeds go towards funding greenway projects throughout Connecticut.  Your contribution may even be tax deductible.


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