The Town Hall Parking Lot will be closed on Tuesday, March 19th, from 7am to noon.  Street parking is available and we anticipate the parking lot to re-open in the afternoon. In addition, the lower (basement) entrance to the Town Hall will be closed from 7am-noon. Please contact DPW for any questions 860-693-7863.

Where to Find Us

Canton Town Hall Canton Town Hall

P.O. Box 168
4 Market Street
Collinsville, CT 06022

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Certificate of Location Approval
(motor vehicle repair/sales)

If your project involves the repair, sale or lease of motor vehicles and/or trailers, approval from the ZBA must be obtained prior to submitting to the Zoning Commission for a Site Plan or Special Permit approval. You should contact the Zoning Enforcement Officer for information and to set up a meeting to discuss all the details.

If your project does not require any other approvals but is merely taking over an existing operation, you must still apply to the ZBA for a Certificate of Location Approval prior to transferring your Connecticut repair/sales licenses.