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Notice is hereby given pursuant to §9-311a of the Connecticut General Statutes, that on Tuesday, the 12th day of November, 2019, at 10:00am, a recanvas of the returns of the voting machines, absentee ballots, and write-in ballots used in the Canton voting district in the Election for the office of Board of Selectmen (full term) in the Town of Canton on November 5, 2019, will be held at the Canton Town Hall Auditorium, 4 Market Street, Collinsville, CT. - Lorinda Pane, Moderator

Canton Election & Charter Revision Question Results Nov 2019
* = seated
35% Turnout!

First Selectman:
*Robert Bessel-1366
Arnie Goldman-1289

Board of Selectmen (full term):

Katie Lucas-1381-automatic recount
*Timothy LeGeyt-1793
Warren Humphrey-1391-automatic recount

Board of Selectmen (to fill a vacancy):
*Gail Deutsch-1361
Tom Blatchley-1266

Board of Finance (full term):
*Katie Kenney-1764
*Andrew Lavery-1694
*Ken Humphrey-1793

Board of Finance (to fill a vacancy):
*Jonathan W. Webb-1823

Board of Education:
*Erika Hayes-1568
*Joseph P. Scheideler-1731
*Nicholas Aligizakis-1262
*Kim Sullivan-1671

Board of Assessment Appeals:

*David P. Sinish-1353
*Joe Pelehach-1287


“Shall the Charter of the Town of Canton be revised as proposed by the Canton Charter Revision Commission and as approved by the Canton Board of Selectmen?”

YES - 1778
NO - 448