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Energy Assistance and Fuel Bank

People in need of help to pay for heating costs in the winter can apply at the Senior/Social Services office each year.  The programs we offer are:

Energy Assistance: Canton Senior/Social Services processes applications which are certified by CRT in Hartford every year for the state energy assistance programs that help with heating costs.  Generally, applications are taken starting in October and can be submitted through the end of April.   Please  click here for the flyer with the detailed information on what documentation is needed for your appointment.  Special assistance is available to people who are elderly or who have a permanent disability or who have young children in the home.  Assistance is also available to people with utility shut-off notices.

Canton's Emergency Fuel Bank is a program designed to assist families in meeting their heating needs when other sources of aid have been exhausted. For more information, contact Senior Services/Social Services at 860.693.5811 x165.  In addition, tax deductible gift donations are welcome and made payable to Canton Energy Fuel Bank (CEFB), mail to the Collinsville Savings Society, P.O. Box 350, Canton, CT 06019.  Please put "Care of CEFB" on the envelope.