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Exit Drills In The Home (E.D.I.T.H.)

Is your family prepared to evacuate your house in the event of a fire?

Exit drills should be practiced routinely by your family. Here are some tips on how to practice exit drills:

1. Start by making a sketch of your house, floor by floor. Include all rooms and locations of exit doors and windows. Click here for a sample grid from the National Fire Protection Association

2. Mark two ways out of every room.

3. Include the location of smoke detectors.

4. Have someone sound the smoke detector while the family exits the house. Remember, the stairs may be blocked by fire so practice a second way out also. Perform exiting during the night as well, with limited lighting.

5. Have a meeting place for the family to gather once out of the house, such as a tree far away from the house or a neighbor’s house. This will ensure that the family knows that everyone is safe.

6. Practice, practice, practice.