2014-2024 Plan of Conservation and Development
December 2013


The Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) is an important part of how Canton plans its future. The POCD is an advisory document intended to assess current conditions, anticipate important issues, and provide Canton with a framework for future decision making.

This POCD consists of:

A “Strategic Plan”
The “Strategic Plan” ‐ is a statement of strategic directions considered important for preserving and enhancing those things integral to the vitality, livability, and quality of life in the community. It is “big picture” in nature; and is intended to be used by Canton residents, agencies, staff, and other community stakeholders to discuss and refine the major directions of the community. It is envisioned this component will be reviewed periodically to ensure the overall strategies for Canton are appropriate for addressing issues facing the community and guiding Canton’s future. The Strategic Plan is also intended to fulfill the POCD requirements under CGS Section 8‐23 for Canton.


An “Implementation Plan”
The “Implementation Plan” – is principally a compilation of implementation measures (i.e. tasks and active guiding principles) determined to help accomplish the overall strategies of the POCD. The implementation measures are presented in a series of tables organized according to the primary topic themes presented in the Strategic Plan that identify “who” is responsible for doing “what” and the timeframe (“when”) over which the measure is intended to be implemented. The tables also allow for tracking implementation progress. As measures are implemented and results evaluated, it is intended that the Implementation Plan will be updated ‐ on a regular, on‐going basis ‐ to remain current.”

POCD Preparation
For this update, the Board of Selectmen assembled a committee composed of representatives of selected Town boards and commissions, community organizations, and interested residents. By design, the Committee’s membership reflected a variety of perspectives on the topics covered in the POCD. Many hours were spent by the Committee members and Town Staff gathering information, attending meetings, discussing strategies, and writing and reviewing multiple drafts of each chapter. The Board of Selectmen and members of the public closely monitored the progress of the update. The Committee appreciates the valuable interest and input from all who contributed.

This update represents the cooperation of these members to reach a consensus on what is the best plan for Canton. The Committee structured this update to:

POCD Interpretation

Keeping in mind that there are many other important themes and topics presented in this POCD, two prominent themes of recurring significance emerged as a result of the public input process, the Committee deliberations, and the POCD document itself:

These two themes may “pull” in different directions, but are not incompatible. 

With a commitment to coordinated and balanced planning and management, both themes will work together to enhance the overall quality of life in Canton.  Consequently, ‘balance’ is the paramount theme of the POCD. The Update Committee endeavored to integrate balance in every aspect of the POCD. Applying vision to stitch together competing interests and limitations is the challenge of good planning. Hence, every interpretation of any part of this POCD should look for and consider the potential balancing elements within the POCD.

The sequencing of POCD elements ‐‐ from the chapters and subtopics to the presentation of the individual implementation measures – was organized to best present the narrative of the Community’s vision, and is not intended to establish precedence unless specifically indicated.

The temporary Plan of Conservation and Development Update Committee was honored by the opportunity to serve the community to accomplish this important task. We tried to approach our duties with the diligence they deserved; and we are proud of the resulting POCD. We hope this POCD update will serve Canton well.

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Comments on the Draft Plan can be submitted to npade@townofcantonct.org